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Six Sigma is a focused and measurable management discipline that uses a disciplined, data-driven approach to work to eliminate defects across every business area, including management, service delivery, design, production and customer satisfaction, stressing breakthrough improvement for improved bottom line results.

Online Program Benefits

  • Learn to lead, coach and execute process-level improvement projects
  • Use proven Six Sigma problem-solving methods and statistical tools
  • Apply Six Sigma in any type of business or industry
  • Implement faster response time for services
  • Increase productivity from fewer resources
  • Analyze process parameters using statistical and non-statistical techniques

Six Sigma Courses

Each course runs for eight weeks and new sessions start monthly. Enrollment is open; there are no pre-requisites.

Six Sigma Green Belt $1,795 Each

ACE 2 | CEUs 4.5 | PDUs 45 | Contact Hours 45

Six Sigma Green Belt
Six Sigma Green Belt – Healthcare
Six Sigma Green Belt – Financial Services
Six Sigma Green Belt – Information Technology

Featuring specialized content for professionals in key business settings, these four courses are designed for individuals with little or no prior experience with Six Sigma methodologies. They’re an ideal way to learn to understand, interpret and use the core concepts of Six Sigma to make better business decisions. In addition to the topics listed below, each course spotlights case studies and examples from healthcare, financial services, information technology and other fields.

Who Should Register?

Mid- to upper-level managers responsible for top line growth will gain skills to implement cost reductions and improved organizational capability and capacity.

What You’ll Study

Beginning of Six Sigma
  • History and Prominent People in Six Sigma
  • DMAIC Methodology Overview
Data Collection Plans
  • Quality Function Deployment and the House of Quality
  • Process Mapping and SIPOC
Root Cause Analysis
  • Basic Data Analysis and Basic Process Analysis
  • The Big Picture
  • Root Cause Analysis and Hypothesis Testing
7M Tools
  • Determining Project Solutions
  • Prioritization Matrix

Lean Six Sigma $1,995 each

ACE 3 | CEUs 5.0 | PDUs 50 | Contact Hours 50

Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma – Healthcare

Lean is a vital part of Six Sigma. The dimension of Lean Six Sigma attacks inefficiencies – wastes caused by defects, overproduction and extra processing. Lean Six Sigma techniques help professionals lead successfully in both service and manufacturing enterprises.  In addition to the topics listed below, each course spotlights case studies and examples from healthcare and other fields.

Who Should Register?

This eight-week course helps managers and professionals gain valuable skills, which can be used immediately to analyze unit or company performance.

What You’ll Study

Introduction to Lean
  • Prominent Figures of Lean
  • Lean is Not Only for Manufacturing
  • Value Add and Waste
  • Waste Walks and Spaghetti Charts
  • Hoshin Planning
Visualizing and Improving the Process
  • Kaizen Events – the 5S’s
  • Poka Yoke
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Value Stream Mapping for Manufacturing and Services
Lean Concepts
  • Lean Accounting
  • Standardized Work Methods
  • Theory of Constraints
Project Management
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution and Controlling
Lean Projects and Lean Tools
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Quick Response Manufacturing
  • Planning and Deployment of Lean Implementation