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As a human resources professional, training manager, technology team member, organizational development specialist or other professional, you’re evaluated on tangible results. The ROI Methodology is a step-by-step system for performance-based assessment and analysis – providing a clear picture of the actual return on every dollar spent.

The ROI Institute Online will give you the tools and know-how to align programs to business needs, justify and defend budgets, enhance design and implementation processes and identify inefficient programs that require redesign or elimination – 100% online!

Online Program Benefits

  • Learn the major steps in the ROI methodology process
  • Understand the key drivers for ROI accountability
  • Discover three ways to isolate the effects of a program
  • Know how to identify and analyze intangible measures
  • Understand the 12 guiding principles of the ROI methodology process
  • Learn seven ways to convert data to monetary values
  • Find out how to identify and analyze intangible measures

ROI Methodology Courses

Each course runs for eight weeks and new sessions start monthly. Enrollment is open; there are no pre-requisites.

Essentials of ROI Methodology $1,595

ACE 3 | CEUs 5.0 | PDUs 50 | Contact Hours 50

This eight-week course will teach you how to measure ROI using the exclusive Phillips ROI Methodology™. This introductory course is designed for professionals who need to maximize corporate resources by understanding the return on every dollar spent. Using this methodology will contribute to the financial well-being of the entire organization by ensuring that time and money are invested in ways that benefit the business. The Phillips ROI Methodology™ is more than a mathematical calculation; it is a true measure of program success that identifies monetary benefits and intangible benefits. Successfully implementing the ROI Methodology will have a profound effect on your organization and how you are perceived by senior management.

What You’ll Study

Why ROI?
  • Activity-Based vs. Results-Based Evaluation
  • Emerging Views of Human Capital
  • Setting Investment Levels
Overview of ROI Methodology
  • Key Elements of ROI
  • Evaluation Objectives and Planning
  • Major Phases that Constitute the ROI Methodology
Initial Analysis and Planning
  • Steps to Begin an ROI Study
  • Linking Needs Assessment with Evaluation
  • Developing Objectives
Case Study
  • Data Collection
  • ROI Analysis
  • How to Make Evaluation Work

Mastering ROI Methodology $1,795

ACE 3 | CEUs 5.0 | PDUs 50 | Contact Hours 50

This eight-week course builds on the Essentials of ROI Methodology, focusing on how to collect reliable data to use in ROI measurement. This course explores the data collection, analyzing data, converting data to money, tabulating costs and calculating ROI.

What You’ll Study

Data Collection
  • Data Collection Issues and Levels
  • Matching the Collection Method to Situations
  • Interview Design of Surveys, Questionnaires and Focus Groups
  • Developing Control Groups
  • Trend Line Analysis and Forecasting Methods
  • Data Credibility
Converting Data to Money
  • Hard vs. Soft Data
  • Steps to Converting Money to Data
  • Standard Values
Tabulating Costs and Calculating ROI
  • Cost Categories
  • Overhead Allocation
  • Cost Estimates

Advanced ROI Methodology $1,995

ACE 3 | CEUs 6.0 | PDUs 60 | Contact Hours 60

Culminating with industry recognition as a Certified ROI Professional (CRP), course provides advanced details on the use and implementation of the Phillips ROI Methodology. From identifying and analyzing audiences to conducting calculations and projecting values, you'll learn proven ways to successfully put the methodology to work in your organization.

What You’ll Study

Reporting Results
  • Communicating Data from ROI Impact Studies
  • Identifying & Analyzing Key Audiences
  • Select the Best Communication for Your Audience
  • Statistical Terminology
  • Four Levels of Measurement
  • Types of Variables
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Forecasting
  • Projecting Values
  • Predicting Results During Implementation
  • Developing an Implementation Plan
  • Barriers to Implementation
  • Putting ROI Methodology to Practice

About the ROI Institute

The ROI Institute, Inc., is a service-driven organization that helps professional improve their programs and processes through the use of the ROI Methodology – a critical tool for measuring and evaluating training, performance improvement, human resources, human resource development, technology and quality enrichment programs. We offer a variety of consulting services, learning opportunities and publications as well as research activities for our own organization, other enterprises, public sector entities, industries and interest groups.